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How to make your killer +12Edit

BE WARNED: Make sure before you do this you have gotten all the Mormar upgrades, they will not upgrade a +12 killer weapon.

You do NOT need brew skill to smelt.

Collect 8 leathers and 8 plate mails by killing enemies in ANY SDC area, they don't have to drop from the sdc2 critters like gnomes and crushers.

Take the 8 crystalline leathers to the smelting pot on the SW side of the NPC area in SDC2 to smelt a crystalline extract, this is made by smelting the leathers and then get your friendly local ment to enchant it to +6.

Take the 8 Plate mails to the smelting pot to smelt a silver extract ( Put these items into the brew menu stood ontop of the smelter) . This is also traded for the Tree hugger quirk at Juan which you will have to get another of.

Combine the +6 crystalline extract, the silver extract, an acid pot ( from brew vendors ) and a small gold nugget ( found on the floor in sdc2 npc area and gnomes ) in the smelting pot to recieve a refined fluidic crystal

Enchant the refined fluidic crystal to +6.
Bring it and your killer weapon to Alex to have the damage and blocking ability improved.