City-State of Frore

Below the Equator, the grassy veldts turn into fields of ice, where is found the land of Frore, a forbidding place. Armed with strength and cunning, four mighty warriors took it upon themselves long ago to rid the southernmost lands of all threats and established the City-State of Frore. They destroyed all beasts who threatened their new city, save one: the giant Snow Beast.
The fearsome cry of this monster sliced through the air on many a frigid evening. The sound terrified the townspeople into fortifying their city-state with double walls and Golden Dragons. Fear of the Snow Beast had made the citizens prisoners within their own homes.
These citizens pleaded with the four warriors who had brought them into this possessed land. The Four, as they had come to be known, agreed to "divide and conquer" -- each one seeking a way to destroy the vile Snow Beast. One sought the seclusion of the Northern Caves. Another built a fortress west of the city. A third excavated a complex to the south. The last built a castle directly above the city proper.
The Four became fanatical in their quests, slipping deeper and deeper into madness and despair. One strayed too close to the forces of Evil and became a mere shadow of his former humanity. Another made a fearsome pact with the Queen of Wyrms. The third designed a weapon of such evil that it drove him from the forces of Light. The last went insane.
Now the lands of Frore exist as a shattered kingdom whose citizens live in fear of the Snow Beast and of the Four who were meant to save them.