Progression to level 76: Turn in River Rock found among the enemies in the grass area in SDC1 to Jarvoh

Progression to level 78: Turn in a (tied from guild hall) talon found in Wyrvens to Arpigo

Mining Pick: Kill thumpers area until 10 rock fragments drop and trade them to Mineer

Cavern Creeper 1: Kill GiantBat in Thumpers in SDC1 and turn into Cargon

Entrance to Sick Caves: Collect animal furs for Mac in SDC1

Crystal Resistance 1: Talk to Mac’s Friend in Sick Caves. Kill wraiths and get 5 wraith cloth. Then climb down slightly to the left of Mac’s Friend and you will see spectres. Kill them and turn in.

Crystal Resistance 2: Talk to Marburn and kill the local enemies until the top left portion of a silver dragon scale drops. Turn in.